Suspension done right 

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Everyone remembers that new bike feel and how smooth the suspension was working. Over time things start to break down internally which lead to poor performance. Dust wiper seals dry out and fill with dirt increasing stiction. Internal o-rings fail, allowing air to leak into the damper leading to poor ride quality. 


We use the highest quality oil and oem parts to service all suspension as well as nitrogen air charging. Ship in your suspension or post and we'll have it back out to you in 1-2 days.

Let us bring your suspension back to life. We'll worry about the fix so you can enjoy the ride. 

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Gearwork was started in 2019 simply because we realized we could do things better and make the process easier for the end user. Many bike shops do not handle suspension services and have to ship out to the manufacturer while costing the customer time.


Everything we offer is done in house and pride ourselves in providing the best service possible with the fastest turnaround time to get you back out on the trails. We know what its like to miss out on valuable riding time when a component is out for weeks on end. 

Every bit of suspension and dropper post we get in is treated like our own so you never have to worry when you leave it off with us.


Gearwork is rider owned and operated so if we're not working on suspension we're out riding bikes.

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