Rockshox Vivid Ultimate RC2T Air

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Built from the ground up, the all-new RockShox Vivid rear shock is here to offer unrivaled coil-like sensitivity and performance with a highly tunable high-volume air can. The Vivid’s high-volume Debonair air can and RC2T damper with TouchDown Technology work together to parallel the small bump sensitivity of a coil shock, while adding the tunability of an air shock. The new high-volume Debonair air can offers a super-plush feeling throughout the entire travel, but is especially noticeable off the top of the stroke which produces ultra-sensitive small bump sensitivity. Premiering on the new Vivid shock is Touchdown Technology, which is a position-sensitive damping system with three zones: The first 10% of shock stroke minimizes compression damping to create an ultra-light breakaway force, the next 10% to 80% of stroke is tuned for stability and control, and the last 20% of stroke is handled by the adjustable hydraulic bottom out feature. Performance aside, the Vivid chassis utilizes large bushings and large oil volumes to prioritize durability and reduce service intervals.

If you are looking for the performance benefits of a coil shock, but you don’t want the hassle of choosing and purchasing coil springs, you want to save weight, and you want a wider range of tunability, look no further than the RockShox Vivid.

  • Extremely light, coil-like breakaway force required to get the shock moving into the initial part of the stroke.
  • High-Volume Debonair air can creates an extremely plush, coil-like feeling - especially noticeable on small bumps.
  • Volume spacers can be added to increase the shock’s progression.
  • RC2T damper features 5 clicks of high and low-speed compression adjustments and 20 clicks of rebound adjustment.
  • The adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out (HBO) enables the rider to fine-tune how cushioned you feel on bottom-out impacts with 5 clicks of adjustment.
  • TouchDown technology produces position-sensitive damping to create a super-sensitive breakaway force and controlled damping overall. 
  • 100-hour service interval versus the traditional 50-hour service on other models (200-hour service still required to fully rebuild the damper)
  • Compatible with eMTB’s

Rear Shock Vivid Ultimate RC2T